Film: El soñador

Dirección: Angelo Rizzo.
Intérpretes: Pablo Montero, Elizabeth Rivero Ruiz, Armando Tomey, Liudmila Alonso, Enrique Almirante, Renny Arrozarena, Hilario Pena, Diana Rosa, Mario Guerra, Fidel Ernesto Rodriguez
Productora: Aquarius Film
Guión: Laura Costa
Música Original: Aco Bocina, La Charanga Habanera
Productor: Titris S.A.
Fotografía: Maurizio Dell´orco
Sonidista: Francesco Pirro
Editor: Enrico Marchese
Genero: Drama, ficcion.
Paises: Mexico, Italia.
Duración: 98 m.
Año: 2004

MIFF | 8° Milan International Film Festival
Film: Nel ventre di Parigi (Into the bowel of Paris)
Angelo Rizzo / France / 2006/ 60 min

"Nel ventre di Parigi" for the first time brings to the light the secret and illegal world of the "Katas", galleries and tunnels digged in the subsoil of Paris, up to 45 meters deep. Used as a refuge during the Resistance or protest place in the '68, are now inhabited by hundreds of nonconformist artists that think to find a source of inspiration and life in the darkeness and silence of these underground holes.

Original Title: Nel ventre di Parigi
Genre: Documentary
Screenplay: Laura Costa, Angelo Rizzo
Editing: Angelo Rizzo
Production: Mesaverde Production
Photography: Angelo Rizzo
Music: Aco Bocina
Color: Color
Format: DV / Beta / Digitale
Sound: Stereo


Documentary Film: Paralelo 24

Location: Havana

Presented at “25° Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano” (December 2-12 2003, Havana, Cuba). Aco, in Cuba during the Festival, performed in some prestigious venue of La Habana such as tha Tropicana, the "Amadeo Roldàn" theater, the jazz club "La Zorra y el Cuervo" and the theater hall of the "Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes" (National Museum of Fine Arts), and was also guest in some TV (on Cubavision) and radio (on Radio Rebelde and Radio Taino) shows.



Commercial: Kalocell - Roeder 1956 Farmaceutici - 2002

Music: Emociòn - Aco Bocina - from "Aco Bocina (2001)"

The wonderful Nina Moric, model with a well toned and without beaty flaw body, and the evocative atmosphere of Djerba are the core of this commercial done for "Kalocell Line".

Commercial: Kalo Uomo - Roeder 1956 Farmaceutici - 2002

Music: Rumba Del Sol - Aco Bocina - dall'album "Aco Bocina (2001)"

A sunny beach, tukul and camels are the background of an enthralling soccer match that recall the famous Italy/Morocco match and where the world champion Marco Tardelli challenge a group of guys. With bicycle kicks, head shots and goals Tardelli, still a true champion and in perfect shape, leads his team to the victory.

Photos by: Roberto Cifarelli - Franco Abbondanza - Manuel Auletta - Silvia Vizzotto

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