Aco Bocina started playing the guitar at nine, that is, as soon as he was able to handle one, and he went right away at his first music school. His artistic background develops and is still developing in his constant wandering around the world. His passion for mandolin first made him write music for this small – yet great – instrument and then play it. Still very young, he went all around Europe both as a soloist and as First Mandolin in a great orchestra.

The release of “Modern Mandolin”, his first album recorded and published in Germany in 1986, is soon followed by his decision to choose Italy as his new home. In this first production Aco offers the music he always based his career upon, that “Mediterranean Music”, a very broad concept, that he founded himself. In Italy Aco started working together with Curci Editions that, apart from showing faith in his prowess as a composer by buying rights over some of his pieces, uses his undisputed technical abilities to produce “Mandolino Facile”, a small method for the instrument on which he shows his technique. Soon thereafter he works on Pierangelo Bertoli’s album “Oracoli”, gets the International Award for Culture “San Valentino d’Oro” and performs on the opening ceremony for 1994 Cycling World Championship at the “Tindaris” open-air theatre at Tindari (ME), broadcasted live by RAI 1.

In 1995 his second album “Ad Libitum”, published by Bumshiva Music, shows once again his gift for musical composition and his ability to turn well-known songs into something new . The subsequent period is marked by participations at some high-level events: a concert at Teatro Smeraldo in Milan, a performance at a fund-raising concert against AIDS in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and his showing as opening act for Matt Bianco at PalaTrussardi (now PalaVobis) are just examples. In the meantime he keeps on showing on TV at different occasions: the “Maurizio Costanzo Show”, “Uno Mattina”, Red Ronnie’s “Help” and “Fuego” are just examples.

In 1997 his piece for guitar “Amor y Fuego”, published with Warner Chappel, goes in “105 for you – Disco Latino”, a compilation, and Aco plays together with Chieftains in their concert at the “Teatro delle Verdure” in Palermo, toghether with the symphonic orchestra of “Teatro Massimo”. In 1999 he publishes, again with Warner Chappel (meanwhile he also published with them the maxi-single “Aco Bocina”) the album “Rumba Tzigana”. It’s also thanks to this production that “Musica! Rock & Altro”, the weekly insert of “La Repubblica” claims he’s the “new hero of gipsy rumba”. During this year he takes his music abroad by successfully participating at “Walnut Valley Mandolin Championship”, part of the “Walnut Valley Festival” that takes place every year in Kansas (USA).

Back in Italy he plays once again in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan for a fundraising gig to support Exodus, an association that helps recovering from drug abuse. In 2000, a year that opens with a concert at the Malpensa airport, he performs in many important Italian ethnic music festivals: “Festa della Musica” in Milan (in cooperation with “Corriere della Sera” that published the festival’s CD also featuring Aco’s “Hombres Azules”), “Mundus 2000” in Reggio Emilia, “Suoni e voci della sera” in Modena, “Notturni d’Arte 2000” in Padua and “Festival Europeo della Cultura Zingara” in Rome.

2001 saw the release of Aco’s new album, made between Milan and Bucarest with Fanfare Ciociarlia, featured in five of the ten tracks. Among the most important performances this year we remember the second participation at “Mundus”, the show on “Lago Nord” with Willie de Ville, the performance at Caldarola’s Teatro Comunale for “Tuttiteatri” and the appearance as guest star at the award “Virginia Reiter” at Storchi Teatre in Modena. After the CD’s launch at FNAC in Milan in 23 October and four promotional exhibitions for the album at the Roialto in Milan in November, the year closed with a beautiful concert in Vittorio Emanuele square, in the very heart of Nuoro, together with Gypsy Queen Esma Redzepova.

In the beginning of 2002 the famous dj Martin Morales produced the remix of “Rumba del Sol”. In the same period the videoclip of “Dance of the Spirits”, produced and directed by Angelo Rizzo (Aquarius Film - Milan) has been realized in Marseille. At the end of May, the invitation to the Genova indoor stadium, to play two of the guitars belonged to Fabrizio de Andrè. To mention besides the appearance at “Festival Latinoamericano” at the Forum (indoor stadium) of Milan, the concert in “degli Scacchi” Square, in Marostica (VI), and the TV show “TG3 Italie”, with an entire episode dedicated to Aco. This year Aco also got a special mention at the “Andrea Barbato – Etica dell’obiettività” award (on the plate given to him you can read “Aco Bocina – in his music the Mediterranean soul”). This years Aco also starts working with Ivana Monti for her "Migranti" show.The reagings of the actress and the music of Aco meets and tells us stories about millenarian migrations. The tunes “Rumba del Sol” and “Emociòn” entered in the television advertising, being the soundtrack of two commercials; Kalo Uomo (featuring Marco Tardelli) and Kalo Donna (with Nina Moric). On the discography side, tunes of Aco were inserted in several compilation records: “Rumba del Sol” (Martin Morales remixed version) in “Futuro Flamenco” (Outcaste Records), the same tune but in the original version in “Spot Collection” (Edel Italia) and “Opop” in “Caterpillar – vol.5” (Ala Bianca Group – RAI) from the homonymous RAI Radio 2 show. In December the year ended with a concert at the “Ciak” Theatre in Milan.

In the 2003 Aco’s latest album has arrived in the U.S. market, officially distributed by Harmonia Mundi, and is available in all the major on-line music stores (amazon – both in their U.S. and Japanese sites -, cduniverse, barnes&noble, yahoo shopping, and so on). This album, already available in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, has arrived also in Germany and France. Furthermore the tune “Rumba del Sol” has been selected for the new Greepeace compilation that will be released for supporting their “Save or Delete” campaign, which is all about saving the rain forest in Indonesia. Amongst the concerts held this year, the ones more significant were at the Philharmonic Hall of Trento Conservatoire, the one for the “Notti Magiche alle Ville ed ai Castelli” festival (scheduled to be held at the Cento “Rocca” - ancient stronghold - and then moved to an auditorium due to a lack of space to house all the audience) and the one at the Alberti square in Mantua in the shadow of the wonderful “Basilica di Sant’Andrea”. The last project Aco worked on in 2003 is the soundtrack of the documentary movie “Paralelo 24”. This documentary movie was presented at the “25° Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano” (December 2nd to December 12th 2003, La Habana, Cuba). Aco, in Cuba during the Festival, performed in some prestigious venue of La Habana such as tha Tropicana, the "Amadeo Roldàn" theater, the jazz club "La Zorra y el Cuervo" and the theater hall of the "Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes" (National Museum of Fine Arts), and was also guest in some TV (on Cubavision) and radio (on Radio Rebelde and Radio Taino) shows.

The work as soundtracks composer goes on in 2004. This time for the movie "El Soñador", still directed by Angelo Rizzo. The movie will be presented at the end of October at the "Sport Movies Festival" in Milan, then will be showed at the "Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano" in La Habana, and will be also at the Berlin and Cannes festivals. On the concerts side the most relevant events were the presence at "Fano Jazz by the Sea 2004", at "Estate Musicale a Palazzo" ("Musical Summer at the Palace", in the "Te" Palace of Mantua), at "Genius Loci - musica per palati fini" ("Genius Loci - music for delicate palates", in Castel Ritaldi - PG) as well as the return in Calabria and Sicily with several concerts (like the one for "Etna in Scena 2004" - "Etna on Stage 2004" - in Zafferana Etnea - CT) and take part in the show of the italian comedian Rocco Barbaro (performed also in the beautiful Palmi amphitheatre - RC). In september the return in Mantua for three concerts for the "Fondazione Banca Agricola Mantovana" - Agricultural Bank of Mantua Foundation - (two at the "Te" Palace and one at the "Ca' de Pomm - Vanni Viviani Museum" - former house of the dead italian painter Vanni Viviani and now arts centre of the BAM Foundation) and a concert in the amazing "Bibiena" Theatre (in collaboration with the Mantua municipality and the association "Amici del Conservatorio" - Friends of Conservatoire). A CD will be made soon from this concert's recording.

2005 started working on a new studio recording album that will be published later this year and the release in May of a new live album ("Live in Milano" distributed in Italy by "SELF"). Aco was also in Miami, during the exhibit of the movie "El Soñador" at the "Miami Latin Film Festival", performing at the "Mayfair House Hotel" (for the movie presentation night) and at the "Intercontinental Hotel" during the festival awards night. Aco also played in Mantua at the opening night of the "PalaBAM" indoor stadium. From December 2005 to March 2006 Aco was back in Florida for a tour. Amongst the places where he performed the "Seminole Hard Rock" in Hollywood (FL).
During 2007, even working on the new album "ACO BOCINA Metts Pop" (where Aco presents his versions of famous songs together with new original productions) for the label "Do It Yourself" and published by EMI Italy, Aco continues to perform in live concerts. And he goes on splitting his work between live concerts and other productions in the following years. His commitments goes from "Mantova Musica Festival" concert, to write the soundtrack of the play "Un Gordo di Terra", to the appearance at the "Festival Internazionale di Mandolino" in Varazze, just to name a few.

Photos by: Roberto Cifarelli - Franco Abbondanza - Manuel Auletta - Silvia Vizzotto

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